A written referral from your dentist, doctor or specialist is required to book your first consultation with Dr Tuffley. Consultations are available at four different locations throughout Brisbane (Brisbane CBD, Cleveland, Everton Park and Indooroopilly).

The purpose of your initial consultation is to get to know you and understand exactly what is of greatest concern to you. This first appointment will take approximately 45 minutes and Dr Tuffley will assess your symptoms as well as review your medical history, x-rays and scans with you. This first meeting is critical in mapping out a way forward taking into consideration your requirements, current health and comfort, and what the next steps need to be.

For all appointments, other than appointments related to soft tissue, an OPG (Orthopantomagram) x-ray taken within the last 12 months is required.  Your Referrer (General Dental or Medical Practitioner or Specialist) can refer you to a Radiology Clinic (such as Qld X-ray or QScan) to have this x-ray taken.

A Treatment Estimate will be provided with all relevant private dental codes and/or Medicare item numbers listed.  This will be very useful when speaking with your private health insurance company about your type and level of cover and any rebates that may apply.