Surgery is not always the required course of action. However, should you require surgery, we have a Patient Information Booklet with guidelines, suggestions and instructions to follow. This will provide you with the best opportunity for maximum preparation, healing and an optimal recovery.

This Patient Information Booklet will be given to you at your Consultation Appointment and well in advance of surgery so you can be fully prepared.

Denticine Forms


Dr Tuffley also has a CNM (Combined Nutritional Metabolites) cream available under a “Prescriber’s Only” Medication Script to all his surgical patients to prepare and keep the surgical sites clean prior to and after surgery, reduce the healing time and increase post-surgery comfort.

CNM Blue and Red Medication

We also use a specially formulated powder which you add to water or juice to assist with your re-hydration after fasting prior to surgery provided under general anaesthesia in a hospital or day surgery facility.


Medication in a glass with water